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    TINY TIP: Update and change the content of your website periodically to keep it current. Change the appearance at intervals to keep it fresh. Don't get stuck with an out-of-date, dull website.

Have you ever looked for a product or service, located a business on the internet where you could make your purchase, and then called to discover the item or service had been discontinued? Update your website if you change your hours, products, or services.

Just like stale bread or expired milk, a website can take on the same qualities. Who wants to purchase a stale loaf of bread or sour milk? The same thing can be said of a website. Update the appearance of your site and keep your information current.

Tiny Tip Summary

  • Update your site and stay current.
  • Make sure your site always looks up-to-date and in step with current standards.

Keep it Current
Make it Look Modern
Maintain Current Standards


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