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Marketing Materials Drive Customers to Your Website

In addition to an attractive, well-designed website, the use of marketing and promotional material is another smart way to promote your website and advertise your services to the public. Business cards, door hangers, and promotional advertising cards get the word out about the type of service or products you provide and drive them to your website.

   Remember, “Out of sight - out of mind.”

Use promotional and marketing materials as a visual reminder of your business.

There are a number of ways to put your promotional cards to good use and get your business noticed.

  • Leave flyers or business cards on community bulletin boards.
  • Use postcards to mail a short message to current or future customers.
  • Leave marketing material or business card with a potential customer as you visit with them.
  • Don't forget current customers. Leave marketing material with a current customer for repeat business.
marketing material ideas

Brazos Web Design can develop great ideas
for your marketing material that will coordinate with your website.

   Let your ADVERTISING MATERIAL and WEBSITE do the talking FOR YOU when you are not there.

Advertising Flyers

marketing material showing advertising postcards

Flyers are a great way to inform clients about your services, special offers, and events.

Brazos Web Design can design and produce flyers that make a great impression. Each product is:

  • Artistically designed
  • Easy to read
  • Produced on high-quality paper

There is an art to making a memorable flyer, and Brazos Web Design can create one that will leave a positive impression of your business.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great way to advertise your business without being intrusive to your future clients.

  • You decide which homeowners in a neighborhood are likely to use your services and leave a door hanger with your information.
  • Leave door hangers at the homes surrounding your current customers.
  • If the door hanger is short and easy to read, a homeowner will likely read the information when they arrive home.
marketing material showing door-hanger samples

Business Cards

marketing material showing business cards

First impressions are important, and your business card often serves as a first impression of your business. It should be attractive, yet focus on your contact information.

You probably have a stack of business cards tucked away in your desk for easy reference. Take them out and flip through them. The business cards that attract your attention have similar characteristics.

  • They are easy to read and tell you what you need to know at a glance.
  • The text is large enough to read and you do not need a magnifying glass to see the contact information.
  • If photos are used, they do not overwhelm the small card.
  • Business cards that make an impression are neat and orderly, not cluttered and messy.

Advertising Flyers
Door Hangers
Business Cards


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